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Wmiyeten Nature Sanctuary in Victoria, BC, photo by Eric Backman

"Self-care is the constant practice of not letting more pain accumulate. It is about continually remembering that our lives are of value. It is the active process of settling our nervous systems so that we have more access to the present moment."


- Susan Raffo, as quoted by Resmaa Menakem in My Grandmother's Hands

Upcoming Retreats

Find out more about this retreat on the exact mid•winter day of 2024 here.

Find out more about this Lenten Day retreat, offered by Vancouver Island School of Theology & the Arts, and co-hosted with James Prette here.


***Both retreats are held at the beautiful W̱MÍYEŦEN Nature Sanctuary in the highlands of Victoria, BC - "a 42 acre protected forest and ... tranquil natural environment, inspiring an awareness of nature as teacher and essential ally."

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