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Resources for Supervisees

things you'll need for individual or group supervision

Zoom Tips + Tricks

for meeting online

Confidentiality Considerations

ethical forethought for protecting the identities of our directees

Videos Galore!

how to prepare, present, and respond

Group Supervision Covenant

for facilitated group meetings

Individual Supervision Covenant

for 1-1 supervision meetings

Just One Thing CRF


Group CRF

please use this contemplative reflection form for group meetings

Group RDF

please use this remembered dialogue form for group meetings

Supervision Tracker Template

a way to keep track of your focus questions and take-aways

Self Supervision Prompts

from Together in the Mystery

Group Supervision Process

a handout for a 1.5 hour facilitated meeting

The Grocery List

a creative CRF from Lucy Abbot Tucker

Give it a Name!

a creative CRF from Lucy Abbot Tucker

Strengths + Limitations in Movements

a creative CRF from Lucy Abbot Tucker & especially good for new spiritual directors

Personal Reflection Model

a simplified CRF from Lucy Abbot Tucker

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

from Spiritual Directors International

My Adapted Code of Ethics

for spiritual direction and supervision

Awareness Examen

to grow in discernment

CRF For Accompanying Those Deconstructing

from Tara Owens

Ministry Reflection Form

for Pastors or Lay Leaders to use for ministerial supervision

Image by jurien huggins

Prayer for Inner Freedom

God of life-giving freedom, thank you for the· privilege of being with people 

in such a vulnerable way as they share their brokenness as well as their giftedness, their darkness as well as their light. 

I ask for the grace of awareness of my own brokenness and darkness. Give me a willing and courageous spirit to delve deeply into my own vulnerability, so that I can be freely with others in their woundedness. 

Help me to see my areas of darkness so that these can come out into the light, to explore my brokenness so that it can bask in your healing touch, to become aware of my resistances so that they can be freed by your loving Spirit. 

Create an open space within me so that I can receive others' brokenness and vulnerability with tenderness and love. 

Help me to be a resting place where others can bring their struggles as well as their joys. Let me find a home in you so others can find a home in me. 

Thank you, God, for the inner freedom growing within me that allows others 

to encounter your loving presence. 

Maureen Conroy, Looking Into the Well

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